Ab Roller Wheel
Ab Roller Wheel
Ab Roller Wheel
Ab Roller Wheel

Ab Roller Wheel

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Do you need a full body workout tool?

One that will help you BURN TWICE AS MUCH CALORIES and TARGET VARIOUS MUSCLE groups at once?

Get Ready! for your best body with the AB ROLLER WHEEL! 

This multifunctional tool is PERFECT for YOUR workout routine 

Get results like this!

Ab roller wheel - fitferraro.com


Special Features:

  • Total Body Exerciser - The AB Roller Wheel is specially designed for total body exercises.¬† The innovative and creative design is great for full body workouts.
  • Simple to use - it is Super easy to use and can be used by EVERY and ANYONE including YOU
  • Portable - it is light and portable making it easy to carry every and anywhere.¬† Regardless of where you work out you and just GRAB IT, PACK IT and GO!
  • ¬†Burns more calories - Based on the unique design of the AB Roller Wheel this product is excellent for burning excess calories.¬† It tones the entire upper body so when using it the more calories you burn.¬†
  • Special Mute Design - It is made with a unique mute feature that ensures that when using the product the surface is not damaged.¬† It does not cause damage to floors.¬†

Product Application:

By simply rolling the AB Wheel Roller forward and backward you tone and firm your entire upper body.

Please note, a knee mat is also included with our model.

Ab roller 2 - fit ferraro fitferraro.com


ab roller wheel - fitferraro.com

Your Package Includes:

  • 1x ABS Abdominal Roller Wheel
  • 1x Knee Mat


  • Measurement: the Diameter of the Roller¬† - 95mm
  • Material -¬†elastic PVC (flexible, mute,¬†and will not damage your floor)
  • Colors - Red, Blue and Black¬†

ab roller wheel pic - fitferraro.com

Shipping and Handling:

7-10 working days 



Frequently Asked Questions : 

Question 1: What is the weight limit?

Answer: The AB Roller Wheel has a weight limit of up to 600 lbs. It is wide and sturdy. It was designed to provide you with maximum support.

Question 2: Can I use this wheel on the carpet?

Answer: Yes, it causes no damage. 

Question 3: How does this compare to stomach crunches and sit ups? 

Answer: The AB Roller Wheel goes beyond crunches and sit ups.  It works all of your abs to the max with that back and forth motion.



Customer Reviews

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Scott Famulare
never got it

never received product

Everette Becker

Works well, a bit smaller than expected.

Filiberto Heathcote

Good quality

Viola Dare

yeah baby. bought like 5 of these. great every time. really liking this it gives me good abs like a 6 pack. i’m so jacked now100% but this so good product wowww.

Tracy Roberts

yeah yeah. singing challenge. if i win i get your car. she keeps reminding me, how good it was when we were crazy! she keeps remindi- nah bro you lost. give me the keys! yeah yeah.