Affiliate Sign Up

We would like to formally thank you for your interest in joining our partner program. You can sign up using the link below:

Commission Structure

Once you have created your account you can promote your link on all your social media pages, via email, through other websites/blogs or in person. For every sale that is generated through your link you will be paid a commission of 10% the cost of the items purchased by the customer. You are allowed to promote as much or as little as you want.


Upon signing up your account is credited with a $10 bonus, this will be paid out to you with your first payment. Payments are processed every second week on a Friday via PayPal.

A minimum amount of $30 must be accumulated before payments are made to your account, once you have accumulated the minimum payout amount your payment will be processed and sent to you. 


Once you have accumulated at 30 sales we will send you a surprise product for you to review and use in your promotions. We may also give extra cash incentives and 100% off coupons as prizes for top performing affiliates or as competition prizes for affiliates.